Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Images shows dark auditorium and stage.

50th Annual SERVPRO National Convention

SERVPRO of Mandarin attended the 50th Annual SERVPRO National Convention in Sacramento, California. It was a great week of workshops, seminars, and networking events. We even checked out areas of Sacramento and Yosemite National Park.

Commercial Tile Cleaning in Downtown Jacksonville

A client at an art museum in Downtown Jacksonville called in our team to clean up after their annual New Year's Eve Gala. SERVPRO of Mandarin was able to clean their tile, rugs, concrete flooring, and carpet.

Mold On the Ceiling

In this picture it is easy to see that microbial growth likes to hide. Knowing what to look for helps. Here at SERVPRO of Mandarin we are the experts. Let us come take a look if you feel you may have a mold situation.

Residential Water Damage

No one is ever ready for a flood. Here at SERVPRO of Mandarin we are always ready, and we are here to make your water damage emergency as stress free as possible.

Containment and Tear Out in St Johns County

SERVPRO of Mandarin, shown here, doing a full tear out, drying, and containment of a residence in St. Johns. Utilizing containment helps with any secondary damage and temperature control. Our goal is to quickly and effectively dry all materials to industry standard.

Air Conditioning Unit Leak

SERVPRO of Mandarin showed up to an AC unit leak from the second floor of a home. We are removing water from the ceiling in this picture, with help of a dehumidifier (not pictured), and two air movers. 

Commercial Office Dry Out in Mandarin

Our team removed base trim after the extraction of standing water at an office building in Mandarin. This aids in the drying process by removing the vapor barrier from the drywall, which allows for quicker evaporation time.