Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage Floods Business

This business in downtown Jacksonville was surprised to find their basement full of water after this first floor pipe broke. SERVPRO of Mandarin brought their s... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage

Water damage caused by a heavy rain storm, leaked through the window. SERVPRO of Mandarin came in and extracted the water and dried the carpets and walls in the... READ MORE

Water Leak in Ceiling

A major leak in the roof caused the entire ceiling in the garage to become saturated with water. SERVPRO of Mandarin removed the drywall and dried out the ceili... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Jacksonville

A sprinkler system went off after a valve popped, affecting this entire office space, including the drop ceiling. The residue you see on the carpet in the first... READ MORE

Commercial Water Extraction in Jacksonville

When businesses experience water damages, SERVPRO of Mandarin respond quickly to minimize loss of business and keep the doors open.

Commercial Water Damage in Jacksonville

A water line broke on 3rd floor of this commercial office building affecting the 2 floors below. SERVPRO of Mandarin was on site and had this building dried out... READ MORE

Water Damages Wood Floors in Fruit Cove, South Jacksonville

The first image shows SERVPRO of Mandarin drying equipment being used to dry-down the concrete slab and walls in a residential hallway after water damage. The w... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Jacksonville Office Building

A water line to coffee maker broke over the weekend. The employees came in Monday morning to find a wet mess. SERVPRO of Mandarin was on site in less then 40 mi... READ MORE

Water Damage – Jacksonville Office Building

Water Damage at this Jacksonville office building was the result of a burst water pipe overhead. The water soaked the insulation above the ceiling, eventually c... READ MORE

Storm Damage Floods Home in Jacksonville

Severe storm damage produced flooding throughout this home. SERVPRO of Mandarin responded quickly to this emergency. Water was extracted and high-tech drying eq... READ MORE

Restoring Family Heirlooms in South Jacksonville

Losses caused by water have no regard for family keepsakes and heirlooms. Here at SERVPRO of Mandarin we can reverse the damage in many situations.

Jacksonville Water Damage – Wood Flooring

Water damage at this Jacksonville home caused so much damage to the wood flooring that the owner was sure he would have to replace it all. SERVPRO of Mandarin, ... READ MORE

Water Damage from Vandalism in Jacksonville

This office was broken into and the copper pipes were stolen out of the walls. The result of this was water damage in the entire office. The first picture is th... READ MORE

Water Damage in Jacksonville Home

The first photo shows removed drywall and carpet with an open wall cavity and bare concrete floors. This was the scene in a downstairs bedroom after a pipe brok... READ MORE

Mistake Causes Water Damage in Jacksonville Home

A handyman was working in this home in Mandarin and broke a pipe in the kitchen causing the entire first floor of the home to be affected with water damage. SER... READ MORE

Flood Damage to Jacksonville Hotel

A Jacksonville hotel experienced a broken pipe in the middle of the night. SEVPRO of Mandarin is here to help when flood damage occurs, and immediate action is ... READ MORE

Jacksonville Home Damaged from HVAC Leak

Responding quickly to water damage in a home is crucial. Water needs to be removed and the affected area dried completely to prevent microbial growth and other ... READ MORE